I'm Baaaaccck!

Well..as u see its been a minute since I been on this joint

but I'm back..for now at least..lls

but yea..lately man i just been chillin

don't got no job..so i aint got shit to do..

but when I do get some bread I already know wat I'm goin to buy..
swagg bout to be CRAZY..=]..lls
o yeah..i made a change the other day check it out
I fuck with it..how bout u?






Every Girl..

One of my favorite songs...
Video just dropped!


Special Women..

I just want to give a shout out to all the special ladies in my life..
I appreciate yall..and I just thought I'll let you know..=]
So here's the rundown..
not including..
my granny and my aunt ethel..
love yall!..stay strong!
Number one lady..
Momma Dukes!

My favorite & only sister..Christine!

Cuzzo Jenny!

My lil youngin.. Luv Ya!

Bestie!..don't get on probation..lol

Can't forget..Chymie!

I Miss You Homie!

So it's been a lil over a year since I lost one of my best friends..

They say you never really appreciate things till there gone..

I definatley understand that saying!

I still think about times when you were around..
*Talking about the Redskins..
*Me and Christine cutting your hair to save you money
sorry we messed you up sometimes..lol
*Hearing the name Bryantie and not caring what you called me..

Those were the days!
I miss you granddaddy
Wish you were still with us..
I really wanted you to see me graduate..
but I'll continue to make you proud cuz I kno your watching..
Luv Ya!


Lately I've been STRESSED out!..
School, family, everything hasn't been going the way I want it to..
It seems as if it not enough time in the day to satisfy everything..
Maybe I just need time to myself..
Just to chill and clear my mind
but who knows???
I'll be on my way home this time next week..
Maybe that's what I need..
I can't wait..
Good ol P.G =]
And the weather is looking up
Which I always enjoy..
Plus I want to hit up H&M and get some more clothes when I go home..
I also got to work on my shoe game cuz I'm slackin in that area for once =/



Latley man I've been getting annoyed by these bamma ass niggaz down here..
They be soo fake too..
I mean if we don't fuck with each other..don't ask me for shit..
And everytime I turn around they in my damn face..
I really don't want to start nuffin with nobody cuz I like college
I don't want to be put out for no peddy shit..
So just keep my name out your mouth..and work on your swagg cuz 9 times out of 10 you need it..especially if your from _______...lol



I always seem to get on the computer and just look for things to laugh at..
Why?..I just love to laugh..it calms me down and makes my day better
Today I found this video which I found pretty funny..
Mike Epps is one of my favorite comedians..

I might buy this dvd..
prolly not..