Latley man I've been getting annoyed by these bamma ass niggaz down here..
They be soo fake too..
I mean if we don't fuck with each other..don't ask me for shit..
And everytime I turn around they in my damn face..
I really don't want to start nuffin with nobody cuz I like college
I don't want to be put out for no peddy shit..
So just keep my name out your mouth..and work on your swagg cuz 9 times out of 10 you need it..especially if your from _______...lol



I always seem to get on the computer and just look for things to laugh at..
Why?..I just love to laugh..it calms me down and makes my day better
Today I found this video which I found pretty funny..
Mike Epps is one of my favorite comedians..

I might buy this dvd..
prolly not..


New Urge..

Lately I've been wanting to get out and just skate..
I guess you can say my roommate Delo got me hooked..
I never knew it could be so fun..
but at the same time learning tricks isn't that easy..
I always thought you could pick it up just like that...

Can u say WRONG!
Anyway..I think I'm getting kinda good but who knows =/
but I plan on practicing soon so I'll let you kno how it goes..



So lately I've been wanting to get out on the road and just travel..
I've only been to a few different states my entire life and I just want to get out..
So in the next few years I plan to visit some of the places below..
I've been to New York before but I just want to go back because I enjoy the area..
Plus I really want to do some more shopping ;] since I've been changing my style up lately...
Cali seems fun too, as for Vegas..
"What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"..lol
(New York)


O yeah..I wanna travel overseas too..
but that's another topic for another day =]


Mentos & Diet Coke..

When you combine mentos and diet coke you get a rocket..
I didn't even know about this..
so here you go....


College Trio...

My family away from home..
It's never a dull moment around them..
They soooo craazzy...=] (corny..lol)


YRB Magazine Spread..

I wanna give a big shout out to my cuzzo Mos(right)..
keep working hard and doing your thing man...
thanx for everything..

coming soon to a stand near you...

College Life...

Well...so far college life has been going well.
More ups then downs..
and im looking foward to the rest of it..
boredom sometimes = Fun!..lol
can't say I don't miss home tho..=/