Latley man I've been getting annoyed by these bamma ass niggaz down here..
They be soo fake too..
I mean if we don't fuck with each other..don't ask me for shit..
And everytime I turn around they in my damn face..
I really don't want to start nuffin with nobody cuz I like college
I don't want to be put out for no peddy shit..
So just keep my name out your mouth..and work on your swagg cuz 9 times out of 10 you need it..especially if your from _______...lol


  1. hahaha i feel you son. niggas real fake but in your face when they need some. tell them ugly ass dudes get out your face and grow the fuck up

  2. haha...
    u and delo are funny...
    but basically they not even on our level (not sayin im a dude or nuffin but u kno wat i mean)...
    and the flaky as shyt...
    dnt sweat it...
    u only got like 1 more month wit lil ugly and the even uglier crew lmao =]